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Premature balding disappears.

Cover Hair beginnende Glatze in Sekunden verschwunden

Alex H., 26: "The premature balding has completely vanished! Just like brushing my teeth, it’s become part of my morning routine: Sprinkle, spread, and fix COVER HAIR - then the day can begin.""

Post-Partum Hair Loss!

Cover Hair nach der Schwangerschaft lichte Stellen sofort abdecken

Beate K., 33: "After pregnancy, my post-partum hair loss was making me desperate. Sure I knew it would come back, but what could I do until then? I got the tip from my mother - COVER HAIR."

Hair Loss - What To Do?

Cover Hair hilft bei Haarausfall

Markus N.,29 "Already in my early 20s, I’d started to notice that the hair at the back of my head was getting thinner and I panicked. I tried everything. Hair lotions, a laser comb, tablets – but nothing helped. Then in a magazine, I read about COVER HAIR and saw the photos. Naturally I was skeptical, but decided to give it a shot and couldn‘t believe the result. My self-confidence came back instantly."

Thin & Fine Hair.

Dünnes und schütteres Haar Cover Hair hilft sofort

Josef S., 48: "I’d always had thin and sparse hair growth, but starting around age 45 it was really noticeable. An expensive hair-transplant was out of the question. When my hairdresser recommended COVER HAIR , I thought it was the perfect solution"

Annoying Roots.

Lästiger Haarnachwuchs Cover hilft sofort

Britta L., 36: "Roots are so annoying – and a full hair colour is an expensive hassle. So I use COVER HAIR. It's fast, easy to use, and then I only need to visit the hairdresser when my roots get too long."

First Grey Hairs!

Cover Hair Soforteffekt bei ersten grauen Harren

Verena K., 32: "I use COVER HAIR  just before leaving home. Quickly applied, fixed with hairspray and I‘m finished. It looks natural and I feel great."

Hair Loss at the Back of the Head.

Lichte Stelle am Hinterkopf Cover Hair hilft sofort

Michael H. 40: "I use COVER HAIR just before leaving home. Quickly applied, fixed with hairspray and I‘m finished. It looks natural and I feel great."

Maturing Thin & Fine Hair.

Dünnes und lichtes Haar bei Frauen Cover Hair hilft sofort

Bertha M., 53: "Thin and fine hair isn’t rare for maturing women. But how can we deal with it? Wigs are out of the question. COVER HAIR is my solution. And based on the looks I get from men - it works!"


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COVER HAIT ganz einfach mit dem Pumpspray auftragen
Mit COVER HAIR VOLUME vom schütteren zu vollem Haar
Haaransatz kaschieren mit COVER HAIR COLOR
Mit dichtem Haar zu mehr Selbstvertrauen mit COVER HAIR VOLUME
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