COVER HAIR - Full and coloured hair within seconds

Full and coloured hair within seconds

COVER HAIR gives your hair its fullness and volume back. Bald spots, beginning bald heads or thinning hair areas disappear within seconds. Get your magnificent hair back - in a completely natural way.

Cover Hair volles Haar in Sekunden

More colour and fullness in your hair

COVER HAIR brings colour and fullness to your hairline. Grey hair or unfavoured colour at the hairline disappears in a flash. Tedious re-dyeing is not necessary so often any more. You save time and money.

Cover Hair Haaransatz abdecken schnelles nachfärben

What is the purpose of COVER HAIR

To sprinkle into your hair:

  • in beginning blading in beginning balding
  • in thin and thinning hair
  • for rapid re-dyeing of the hairline
  • for concealing fist grey hairs
Cover Hair kahle Stellen abdecken

Who is COVER HAIR for

For both women and men:

  • who pay attention for full and thick hair
  • who pay attention to well-groomed appearance
  • who think practically and do not have much time
  • who are cost-conscious
Cover Hair Haaransatz abdecken

COVER HAIR – advantages and benefits

Main arguments for COVER HAIR

  • fast and uncomplicated usage
  • holds save with every weather
  • easy to wash out and renew
  • more self-confidence againe
  • handy on journeys and on the way
Cover Hair hält bei jedem Wetter

Holds with every weather and during sports

Once fixed with the Cover Hair fixing-spray or a strong hairspray, the microfibre holds reliably and does not trickle-off either. Whether the users sweat or get wet in a light drizzle, the hair remains full and dense.

Cover Hair hält bei Sport und Schwitzen

The wind, for example while driving a convertible or a bike or on a sailing holiday, is also harmless. Easy to wash out with a standard shampoo.

Cover Hair hält bei Wind

COVER HAIR fiber is the key


The Hair seams thin

ohne Cover Hair Frau und Mann


The Cover Hair Fiber hold on to the hair, the make it seem thicker and dye it. It appears full and strong.

mit Cover Hair Frau und Mann

The effect

Cover Hair Fasern sind das Geheimnis

Cover Hair fiber is the key

Thousands of electrostatically charged microfibres. These are simply applied to the hair and adhere immediately.

Cover Hair natürlicher und gleichmäßiger Look

Natural and even look

The Cover Hair fiber distribute evenly and bring optically completely natural fullness back into the hair.

Cover Hair von der Haarspitze bis zum Haaransatz

From hair tips to the hairline

The Cover Hair Fiber also reach the hairline and give more fullness and thickness over the full length of the hair.

Quality comparison under the microscope

Other manufacturers

Clearly rougher!

This makes them more felty and lumps are formed during friction or if the hair gets wet! Lump formation and uneven distribution, the hair appears "spotty".


Cover Hair Qualitätsfasern

Finer, thicker structure!

Provides optimum sprinkling and distribution results, does not clump. Adheres evenly to the whole hair, looks finer and more natural.

Quality from Austria

Quality assurance

Cutting length, statics, colouring (non-staining), trickle behaviour and moisture resistance are checked before the products are filled.

We guarantee our customers the Austrian quality and conscientious processing of COVER HAIR products.